Why doesn’t the Scout Law include “A Scout is THANKFUL”? If I could, I think I might add that one as the 13th point of the Scout Law.

A thankful scout sees the blessings of good things – food, family, friends, freedom, and even fun. A scout has opportunities for adventure and excitement that many other youth do not get.

A thankful scout understands that the world does not owe anything to anyone.

Then, what should a thankful scout do? Saying that I’m thankful doesn’t count for much, just like saying I’m trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, … doesn’t mean much. I have to DO something to show that I am really that way. That is what living the Scout Law in my everyday life means.

I’m Thankful for being free to make my own choices, so I’m Trustworthy by telling the truth.
I’m Thankful for my patrol mates, so I’m Loyal to them by pitching in with hard tasks and working as a team.
I’m Thankful for scouts that have taught me, so I’m Helpful to younger scouts.
I’m Thankful for my friends, so I’m Friendly to people around me that don’t seem to have friends.
I’m Thankful for the efforts of the SPL and other leaders, so I’m Courteous and quiet while they speak.
I’m Thankful for being accepted into this troop, so I’m Kind to Webelos and welcome them to my troop.
I’m Thankful for my home and family, so I Obey my parents.
I’m Thankful that I have free time and opportunities to have fun, so I’m Cheerful even while working.
I’m Thankful for the money people give me for fundraising, so I’m Thrifty when buying food and gear for camping.
I’m Thankful for the soldiers, policemen, firefighters, and others that protect us from danger, so I’m Brave when faced with a scary situation.
I’m Thankful for the adults that drive on campouts, so I leave their car Clean when we’re done.
I’m Thankful for every day I wake up with more life to live, so I’m Reverent to my God.

So at your next Scoutmaster conference and you’re asked how you lived the Scout Oath and Law, you can tell them what you DID.

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