Two Roosters – Fighting

Once there were two Roosters living in the same farmyard who could not bear the sight of each other.  At last one day they flew up to the center of the yard to fight it out, beak and claw. They fought until one of them was beaten and crawled off to a corner to hide.

The Rooster that had won the battle pranced around the yard, flapping his wings and crowing with all of his might.  (He wanted all the hens to know who had won) He then flew to the top of the hen-house the highest spot next to the barn, and, proudly flapping his wings, continued to crow with all his might to tell the world about his victory. 

But an Eagle, circling overhead, heard the boasting chanticleer and, swooping down, carried him off in his razor sharp talons.

The previously defeated rooster saw the deed, and coming out of his corner, took his place as master of the farmyard.


Pride goes before destruction

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