What is a First Class Scout?

As I look around the group, I can see that some of you are wearing a First Class rank patch. That marks you as having earned the rank. But, I was wondering about what makes a scout a First Class scout – what marks someone as having really reached that level of maturity?

I came up with three things:

1. How you regard yourself. First Class scouts have a high code of conduct. They just won’t allow themselves to act in ways they know are not right.

2. Your attitude toward others. They like people and are concerned more with others than with themselves. They really enjoy looking for that Good Turn to do each day and they’re the kind of person you like to have around.

3. Your vision. A real scout looks to the future, to the next campout, to the next merit badge, to the next school year, planning on how to succeed and determined to Be Prepared for what is coming.

When you are sure of yourself, concerned for others, and ready for new adventure, then I’d say you’re a First Class Scout!

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