Quicksilver Service Project (Helping fix the Deep Gulch Trail + Conservation Service Hours)

Sorry about the late post.

What: There will be a service project in Quicksilver County Park open to all scouts and parents to clear tall grass and weeds in the Day Tunnel Trail.

When: April 20, 2019 (this Saturday)
8:30am is when we start to hike in, but please try to arrive at 8am (For approximately 3-4 hours).

Where: Hacienda Entrance, Almaden Quicksilver Park

Why: You can get Camping merit badge conservation hours for requirement 9c or service hours for school.
(and of course “Do a good turn daily” by helping fix the local trail).

-Also if any adults can come, it would be a big help for supervision, work, and taking photos for troop reference.

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