Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach!

Reminder: Sunset Beach flyers and money are due TOMORROW (October 22) if you want to go.

The flyer can be found here: Sunset Beach Flyer

Sunset Beach is a yearly campout held by our troop. It is one of Troop 290’s best outings and almost everyone who goes on it will recommend new Scouts to attend. During the outing, there’s hiking, campfires, and capture the flag on the beach! At the camp, there are plenty of opportunity for rank advancement, including cooking, Trail to First Class, and EDGE opportunities for older Scouts. Board of Reviews and Scoutmaster Conferences are also available at the outing. The camp costs $25 per adult and $45 per Scout. It’s a great outing, and anyone who can should probably attend. If you are attending the outing, you must arrive at the Safeway parking lot by 4 PM on Friday, November 2nd. This is an amazing outing and I hope everyone who goes has a great time!

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